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Over time your pc system can become sluggish and prone to incompatibilities whether it is software or hardware related. Updating older software and or hardware can greatly increase your computers performance no matter the age. For example you love to surf the internet, your world revolves around the latest development of a certain something, with a fast broadband you can view and search endlessly but one day your system is sick with a virus and decides to lie down for a bit. You find your patience is stretched, waiting for the interminable web page to load; your coffee has been refilled and finished before it finally has completed. Your broadband, which the television all claim is fast and reliable is now decrepitly slow, pc is screaming advertisements of furnishings and products that you really do not need to replace. Virus scanning shows that nothing is out of the ordinary and yet your pc has become an annoying billboard. What is the verdict? It’s a virus or an adware that has been downloaded and activated on your system.

In NRG Computing we strive to give your system a longer life span by offering services of-


Decatenation is a jargon; we in the IT business refer to as a nuisance and waste of time. What it really means is a file is split in several pieces and stored in different locations on the hard drive, retrieving the file therefore requires the computer to look for it and load it from where-ever. This can be time consuming and potentially hazardous for unbacked files. We can perform Defragmentation and registry backup which allows for faster and decrease the likelihood of data loss.

Optimisation and diagnostic- Diagnose your system for viruses (including malware, adware, spyware and abnormalies), sluggishness and incompatibilities. With optimisation of your computer we can have running smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Repairs and Upgrades

We aim to give you a fast and reliable repair service with our team of trained engineers, between them they have had more than 25 years of computing experience both in practice and academically. We aim to have your system standing tall and working within 2 days of check-in!

Upgrades- Upgrading of older hardware or Operating System i.e Memory, Harddisk and Windows OS.

Repairs- Catering for both hardware and software problems, whether it is a faulty motherboard or corrupted operating systems.


After a period of time your pc case can collect an unwholesome amount of dust inside which can cause malfunctioning or overheating of your system. A clean, dust free case can prolong the life of your hardware and stop rattling sounds which is an indication of a clogged-up fan. A monthly sweep can prevent all kinds of nasty problems, we offer a cleaning service designed to make your system soundless and efficient.

Oxygen clean and sweep- All hardware, including keyboard, mouse, cd/dvd drive bays and lens.


We also have teams of engineers on stand by to help with in-house repairs, upgrades both for business and home. Unfortunately this service is limited to centralised Scotland area until further notice.

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